Welcome to Oriole International

We take pride in introducing Oriole International as the pioneer Trading and Indenting company of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Chemicals and Packaging Materials. We aim

to achieve sustainable growth in coming years and contributing significantly to the development of these products Market. We aspire to attain prominence as a leader in what we do through competence, competitiveness and timely delivery with highest quality standards . We want to build a long term business relationship and tradition of serving our valued customers to their complete satisfaction through efficient management and excellent services, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts.

We at Oriole International with collective efforts of management and staff of Oriole International determine to provide the best quality API, Chemicals and Packaging Materials available across globe at lowest possible prices with on time delivery. With this determination Oriole International aims to achieve and maintain the leadership position.
Our Slogan is To Deliver The Best Every Time by offering wide range of API, Chemicals and Packaging Materials required in Pakistan Market Oriole International is becoming the preferred partner choice of many clients and suppliers because of its reliability and commitment to quality, punctuality and honesty.
We works with honesty & sincerity to achieve collective objectives of Oriole International and its stakeholders successfully in the years ahead.
For Achieving this we would be expanding our sales and marketing network capacity to capture every opportunity offered by this ever-growing demand for Quality Pharmaceutical API, Chemicals and Packaging Materials. We will be expressing our sincere gratitude to our industry peers who are the supporters of our work. Oriole International will continue to appreciate its value of Co-operation and sharing. Moving forward with our best supporters and partners in our common endeavor to ensure the long-term and robust development of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry.

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New Strong Products

  1. Hydroquinone USP Pharmaceutical Grade with DMF
  2. Loteprednol Etabonate Ophthalmic (Eye Drop) IHS
  3. Sitagliptin Phosphate IHS/USP
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Our Strong Packaging Materials

Clear Moulded Glass Vial : -10ml, 15ml, 100ml & 250ml

Rubber Stoppers: 20-A & 32-A2

Alu-Alu Foil

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Hot Products

  1. Azithromycin Dihydrate USP
  2. Cephradine Micronized and Compacted USP
  3. Cefixime Micronized and Compacted USP
  4. Flurbiprofen IHS/USP
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